Class 3 bank vault door UL test

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

In October 2017, we received 2 international customers. After visiting the equipment and products of our factory, the customers were very satisfied, recognized our production capacity and technical ability, and proposed that their products are supplied to the central bank of their country. Banks need a UL certificate. We must apply for a UL Level 3 test and get a UL test certificate to sign an order contract with us.

We are a domestic sales company with major sales channels. In China, Bank Vault door has a corresponding national standard, and domestic customers purchase products according to national standards. Some of our products are exported because the cost of UL testing is high, and there is no customer demand for UL marking products. Moreover, we do not know much about the UL vault door testing methods and standards in the United States, and there is not enough to pass the test. Grasping, so I have not considered applying for UL testing in the United States.

Through online enquiries, UL is the abbreviation of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., which was founded in 1894. After more than 100 years of development, it is recognized as the most rigorous, authoritative and most recognized certification in the world. mechanism. UL is principally engaged in product safety certification and business safety certification business. Its ultimate goal is to obtain products of a fairly safe level for the market and contribute to the protection of personal health and property safety. Regarding product safety certification as an effective means of eliminating technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade. Therefore, if the product is UL-certified, it is equivalent to the quality of the product being recognized worldwide, and it has obtained a global marketing pass.

At present, only more than 10 companies in the world have passed the UL Vault test in the United States. Only two companies in Hong Kong and Taiwan have passed in China. There is currently no Vault store in mainland China for UL testing.

After communicating with the customer, the customer determined their product appearance, size, locks, functions, etc. We had a preliminary contact with UL China, and learned the initial test costs, test procedures, company sales department, production department and technical department. After the meeting, it was agreed that our company's vault door has not been very difficult to pass the UL test. At the same time, the company can enhance its technical capabilities, increase the export scope of vault door products, expand the customer base and company visibility, and develop the company's future development. Play a very big role.

After signing the product order contract with the customer, we signed a vault door test and contract with the US UL to begin preparations for the UL test.

We carefully read the US UL608 vault door test standard, and communicate with the US engineers on the power, size, specifications and other details of the test equipment. We purchase the same test equipment as the US UL, and produce small test samples for testing. The product design was optimized, and then the samples were re-tested and re-tested and repeated for more than 2 months of design and testing. The final test results met our expectations.

Our company's challenge is the UL608 vault door protection standard level 3 certification, that is, the minimum protection time of the vault door is more than 2 hours. It is the highest level and the most difficult certification in the vault door industry. During the test, the use includes flames. More than 60 kinds of tools, such as flame cutting guns and impact drills with a temperature of more than 3,000 degrees, were destructively tested for 2 hours by the following three methods of destruction.

Open the door by destroying the weak point of the internal transmission mechanism of the vault door: UL engineers observe and measure the vault door transmission mechanism, identify and destroy the weak point, and achieve the purpose of opening the vault door.

Open the door by opening a minimum of 619 square centimeters: UL engineers use tooling to open a hole in any position on the door, allowing people to enter the door and open the vault door

Open the door by breaking the door bolt and the door hinge: UL engineers break the connection point between the door and the door frame of the vault door from the outside of the door, that is, the door hinge and the door bolt, so that the door of the vault door is detached and enters the library.

On April 5, 2018, 3 UL test engineers in the United States, head of UL China South China, and 5 presidents of UL China Asia Pacific came to our company to start on-site testing of our vault door products.

After more than 5 hours of testing by UL test engineers, our company's vault door test samples passed the first and second tests. After the engineers evaluated and gave up the third test, we successfully passed the on-site test of Vault. And on April 12, 2018, obtained the vault door UL 3 certificate issued by American UL Company